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For special occasions we would like to comply with your requests.

Opening times


Monday        5pm-11pm

                         hot food 6pm-8pm

Tuesday        5pm-11pm

                         hot food 6pm-8pm

Wednesday   5pm-11pm 

                         hot food 6pm-8pm

Thursday      day off

Friday           day off

Saturday       day off

Sunday         day off


Holiday          Opening times may chance on a holiday.
                         Please call
 07233/96400 for further questions
                         Thank you!

Enjoy the traditional Swabian and Baden dish in idyllic, typically atmosphere of Baden-Württemberg.

Besides our specialties and a wide selection of culinary delights, we are also pleased to prepare a banquet for you and your guests.

All servings are "to go" as well!


Delicious menues
prepared with passion



75 seats altogether, divided:

  • 30 seats Kirnbachstube (Kirnbach's room)

  • 30 seats Wirtschaftstube (Economy room)

  • 15 seats Jägerstüble (hunter's room)

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